Swallowed by the Machine

Posted in art by andytoad on May 31, 2011

Today my roommate and I went to the Park Avenue Armory to check out the “installation” by Ryoji Ikeda, The Transfinite. I wasn’t exactly sure what we were in for and was completely surprised. As we entered the massive drill hall reality slid away…The experience was all-encompassing, incredible, a sensory overload. (I felt ill afterward.) How to describe… Imagine melding Close Encounters of the Third Kind with the Singularity.

Amazing. See it if you can.

May 20 — June 11, 2011

                                                                                                              photo: from the toad cam

Blurb from the Armory website:

Ryoji Ikeda has been selected by the Armory for its third annual visual art commission in the Wade Thompson Drill Hall. Ikeda creates a visual and sonic environment where visitors are submerged in an extreme illustration of projected and synchronized data. His work uses scale, light, shade, volume, shadow, electronic sounds, and rhythm to flood the senses. In choreographing vast amounts of digital information, Ikeda conjures up a transformative environment in which visitors confront data on a scale that defies comprehension, experiencing the infinite.


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