AndyToad aka Andy Jordan became interested in performance and costume at age 8 when he started dressing up his family and friends to make photographs and videos. Back then he pulled his “looks” from his parents’ attic and his costume trunk where he kept his various hats, masks, capes, and dinosaur tails. (His costume trunk has since grown into the entire basement of his Brooklyn apartment.) For as long as he can remember Andy has been drawn to art and fashion that diverge from the norm. The eclectic; the weird; the beautiful; the monstrous.
Focusing recently on scenic and costume design, Andy has designed for various projects in theatre, dance, film, fashion, and performance art. He enjoys experimenting with the interplay between various art forms driven by his interest in the relationship of sculpture, installation, and puppetry to the movement of the human body.

Currently, Andy works with Izquierdo Studio, a costume-design and prop shop specializing in sculptural costume work, where he has completed projects for The Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, Marc Jacobs, Wes Craven, Madonna, Heidi Klum, Ralph Lauren, and Julie Taymor, among others. Andy also develops his own work through sculpture, performance, fashion, and photography. His recent collaborators include choreographers Christopher Williams, Glen Rumsey,Cori Olinghouse, and Polly Motley, designers David Quinn and Kristin Costa, and film-maker Mike Olenick. Andy received his MFA with an emphasis in sculpture form the Cranbrook Academy of Art and his BFA in Fine Arts where he minored in Media Studies from the Columbus College of Art and Design.


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