Cloud Skins

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Color studies for some recent costumes

collage_cloud skin

COllage_Cloud Skin 003

Collage_Cloud Skin 002

Altered State

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A set of fantastic Khōn dance masks recently came through my studio.

altered masks

altered masks

I was asked to alter the masks so they could be used in the new stage musical Waterfall which is based on the Thai novel Behind the Painting by Sriburapha.

The masks, from Bangkok, Thailand,  were quite small and had to be enlarged to fit bigger heads. Vision was also difficult in the originals so I lowered the sight lines to the mouths and added mesh to improve vision. It was quite inspiring to explore these masks up close and learn about how they were created. The four originals I received were likely created for rituals and placement on altars – probably never meant to be worn. Nowadays these masks are manufactured and sold to tourists but I’ll admit that I felt the pang of guilt , Western guilt, as I altered these traditional objects from another culture.

original masks

original masks

alteration plan

alteration plan

photo from the book - Khōn Mask: Thailand's Heritage

“The altar is set for the Krob Phra Pirarp rite by H.M. the King” photo from the book – Khōn Mask: Thailand’s Heritage

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Gif clip from a work in progress – Collaboration between Mission Fantasticthe feath3r theory, Andytoad.

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Photo: Julieta Cervantes

Photo: Julieta Cervantes

Aidos, a new piece by Douglas Dunn + Dancers, recently had it’s world premiere at BAM Fischer. For the show I designed costumes and objects. Below are some sketches, pieces, and parts from the process.







Blob experiments

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Electronic Embers

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Hanging out with Jordan Morley, experimenting with light.

Electronic Embers

Andrew Jordan Projects

Andrew Jordan Projects

Andrew Jordan Projects

Andrew Jordan Projects

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Behind the Scenes

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Detail from a fitting. Photo Andytoad

Edward in a fitting. _  Photo: AndyToad

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Lupine and Canine

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In the studio sculpting wolves and hounds for “Wolf-in-Skins.” _  photo: AndyToad

In the Studio

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clutter bug

Sketches for an upcoming project…

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