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Pop The Artist interviews AndyToad!

Stranger in the Rain

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Some photographs in the backyard.

Dark and Stormy Spring … photo: AndyToad

Little Fly … photo: AndyToad

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Thinking Cap

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A page from the sketchbook.

Idea for a hat. (Collage from found materials.)

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Bear, Peacock, Zebra

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Betty’s Birthday Portrait

Strange things happen in the back yard.  _  photo: AndyToad

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Epidermal Expansion

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A page from the sketchbook. I’ve been thinking about bodies and scale…

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Sara Shoot

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Some photographs from my session with Sara.

These lips were made for kissin’

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A mask I designed for my friend Mike to wear to a fundraising event this weekend; The theme – It Came From the Lagoon.

I think he’s going to be the belle of the ball…

A sketch for the rest of the costume below.

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5 Minute Photo Shoot: Showroom Dummies

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Photo: Andytoad

_________1 2 3 4
_________We are standing here
_________Exposing ourselves
_________We are showroom dummies 
_________We’re being watched
_________And we feel our pulse
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We look around
_________And we change our pose
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We start to move
_________And we break the glass
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We step out
_________And take a walk through the city
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We go to a club
_________And there we start to dance
_________We are showroom dummies


_________Trans-Europe Express (album) 1976


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Some photos from the Eidolon performances

In the photo studio…

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Eidolon Portraits - Wolf Tryptic

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