We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

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One of my favorite pieces in the Brooklyn Museum is the Likishi Dance Costume. I make time to see her whenever I visit.

The Museum’s Likishi dance costume in performance, Zambia, 1935 (Photo: Margaret Carson Hubbard)

Museum Text:

Likishi Dance Costume and Accessories (Mwana Pwevo)

Unidentified Luvale artist, late 19th or early 2oth century
Northwest province, Zambia
Fiber, wood, hide, metal, seedpods, bark, rope, hair, organic materials

This complete dance costume shows how masks are normally one part of a larger ensemble. The mask is sewn directly onto the costume of looped bark and fiber, which fits tightly over the body of the dancer. Seedpod rattles and metal bells added a musical aspect to the performance.

Although they are danced by Luvale men, mwana pwevo masks depict women. In order to own and perform with a mask, a man had to symbolically marry it by paying the carver a copper ring as a bride price. In doing so, the dancer made a commitment to honor and care for the spirit represented in the mask. In return, the dancer was able to earn his livelihood performing at local festivals.

Sara Shoot

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Some photographs from my session with Sara.


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Some photos from the Eidolon performances

Time Capsule

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Jillian Mayer… brilliant

I Am Your Grandma
Lyrics and Video: Jillian Mayer

Musical Score: Michael John Hancock
Director of Photography: Daniel Fernandez
Costumes and Masks: Wildchild World
Assistant Director/ Co-Producer/Editor: Lucas Leyva


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The Voyage of Garbhglas

Images on my flickr from my friend Christopher’s piece at the Irish Hunger Memorial earlier this month. Carol Binion did the fantastic costumes and I coordinated them for this show. It was a wonder to see winged faeries and “protuberance” demons dancing in Lower Manhattan. Most of these photos I took but there are also some from Michael Wang and James Wagner.

the voyage of garbhglas

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If you’re in lower Manhattan this week during lunchtime…


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My friend Cori Olinghouse and I continue to work on a project together, a series of experiments in vaudeville and shapeshifting.  Our project is a work in progress so I can’t say much yet. Video from our first showing, The Animal Suite, can be seen here.  And I will share this sketch….

daily muse

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(what is this a tumblr account? )


16 Millimeter Earrings

Performed by Meredith Monk at Judson Church 1966


Two Whistles – Apsaroke

Photograph by Edward S. Curtis (early 1900’s)


Still from  – One Hour Photo

Film starring Robin Williams, directed by Mark Romanek, 2002



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Flyer for the show I’m working on. Come.